Bud Denuding Device

Introducing the
Susan L. Harrington …
Patent Pending 😉 …
Bud Denuding Device

As Seen Live … at the Kingston Farmers Market
and Lavender Conferences across the West

Dried lavender bundles ready to process
Place a dried bundle of lavender (with rubber band still in place) in the pillowcase…I mean…Bud Denuding Device. It doesn't have to be purple, but it helps!) dried lavender bundle
Roll up the bundle in the pillowcase. dried lavender bundle
Allow the side seam to lay down over the edge of the counter. dried lavender bundle ready to processdried lavender bundle ready to process
Use your body to keep it in place as you gently press and roll the lavender bundle. stripping dried lavender
Continue to roll the dried lavender bundle as you would a rolling pin. processing dried lavender bunches
The dried lavender buds are easily removed from the stems after two … bulk dried lavender
… or three rolls. removing dried lavender from stems
Remove any large debris by hand and use a kitchen sieve to remove the small particles. dried lavender stem
The screened lavender is ready for your lavender wedding ideas, or fragrant sachets. buy dried lavender