Lavender Wand Photos

Make a lavender wand.

lavender wand step one

Use an odd number of stems that are at least twice as long as the flower heads. Use 9, 11, or 13 stems for your first wand. The stems must be fresh enough to bend without breaking.

lavender wand step two

Remove any leaves or side stems from the main stem.

lavender wand step three

Depending on the variety of lavender, you may have a large gap between the last sets of buds. We usually remove these as well.

lavender wand step four

Tie one end of a 1/4" ribbon, two yards long, below the flower heads.

lavender wand step five

Holding the flower heads in your hand, turn the flower bouquet upside down.

lavender wand step six

Gently bend the stems at the base of the flower, evenly spaced, down over the ribbon, to form a cage around the flower stems.

lavender wand step seven

Begin weaving with the long end of the ribbon, over and under the stems.

lavender wand step eight

Gently, but firmly, keep the ribbon taut as you weave, keeping each row snug against the last woven row.

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The odd number of stems automatically sends you in a slow spiral as you enclose the flower heads.

lavender wand weaving progress

Once the flower heads are enclosed, wrap the remaining ribbon (without weaving) down the stems. Tie it off with a bow. Trim the stem ends evenly.

Make a lavender wandMake a lavender wand

Once the lavender dries (approximately two weeks), the ribbon is adjusted and the bow is tacked in place with a glue gun. The fragrance lasts for years and is refreshed by gently rolling the wand between the palms to release the essential oil.