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Six Simple Ways to Use Lavender at a Wedding

lavender wedding bouquet

Tie bundles of dried or fresh lavender (fresh lavender available in July) with bows for the end of each seating row at the ceremony.

Include fresh or dried lavender in the bridal party bouquets; it is the ancient herb of love and devotion.

Have the flower girl toss dried lavender buds along the aisle. As the bridesmaids step on the aromatic buds, a gentle, calming fragrance greets the bride. Wedding day jitters disappear!

Dried or fresh lavender stems in small vases at the reception carry on this fragrant theme.

Use a ribbon-trimmed bundle of fresh lavender as the bridal bouquet toss. A new tradition is to present the toss bouquet to a guest of honor rather than have the "bouquet battle." Use dried lavender stems along with other dried herbs and flowers for an everlasting memory!

Use fragrant, environmentally friendly dried lavender as lavender wedding rice. Those fragrant buds are a great alternative for rice. Wedding venues no longer allow rice because it’s difficult to clean up and it attracts rodents. Not only does birdseed also attract unwanted guests, it sprouts unwanted plants. As for bubbles, they create a slippery mess that stains fine fabrics. Lavender used as wedding toss vacuums up easily providing an instant air freshener.

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